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Betsy Ross was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in the scenic rural hills of southeastern Ohio. She spent her childhood amidst the colorful and adventure-filled comings and goings of her father’s veterinary practice. Pets of all varieties were her constant companion.

Following Voice and English studies at Ohio University and Bradley, she left for Europe with her husband in 1964. Since then, they have lived in various countries, spending the majority of their time in Geneva, Switzerland.

Betsy began her painting in the early 1980’s by studying Swiss naive art. As her flower and Alpine motifs came into demand, her studies turned into a profession. Her first award-winning show in 1985 launched a series of successful exhibits in Europe and the U.S. Her works may now be found in museums, galleries and private collections worldwide.

Her affection and fond remembrances of her rural Ohio childhood and the idyllic charm of the Swiss mountains are the main subjects of her art and writing.

While private collectors own most of her originals, Betsy’s reputation in the public sector is well documented.

UNICEF has regularly chosen Betsy’s works since 1991 as a featured artist in their Christmas Card collection. In 1996, “Buchanan Square” was chosen among the works of hundreds of artists to be featured on the cover of its 50th Anniversary Edition Catalog.

Chosen by Nestle Corporation for their winter 1999 and 2000 Premium Chocolate Gift Box, Betsy’s paintings contributed to exceptional sales successes for these holiday seasons. Due to this success, Nestle has repeatedly been using Betsy’s works for their Holiday packaging.

Betsy has also painted and conducted one woman shows for the Sauder Living Museum as well as having a gallery with the Longaberger Company, both in Ohio.

 She takes great pride in working on charitable projects by painting campus scenes for the University of Virginia at Wise; her Alma Mater Ohio University, as well as her favorite prep school, Culver Academy in Indiana. Her works of these institutions have been donated for sale to benefit the various University’s and school’s scholarship funds.

Betsy is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Colonial Dames and Descendants of the War of 1812.

She lives in Naples, Florida where she has her studio.

With dual American and Swiss citizenship, she divides her time between Ohio, Florida, Geneva and London.

Links to galleries and sites that represent Betsy's works:
The Swiss group ADLER

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Betsy Ross Koller is a contemporary American artist.  She paints in the Naive , Primitive or Folk Art style, also known as 18th Century painting or emulating the 'Grandma Moses' style of painting.   Her paintings are mostly about American Midwestern rural as well as Swiss Alpine scenes that portray a whimsical and joyful outlook on life.  Nevertheless, she also paints contemporary Beach scenes from her present home in Naples Florida, where she also has her main studio.

She is well known in Switzerland for her Alpine scene paintings having lived there many years.  She has permanent displays with art galleries in Gstaad (ADLER) in Switzerland.

Betsy is also well known for her many UNICEF greeting cards over the past years and was the cover piece for UNICEF's 50th Anniversary catalog.    

She has also appeared on Nestle's Cailler chocolate Holiday wrappings.   

Other commercial companies that she has painted for include the Sauder Living Village Museum and the Longaberger company both located in Ohio, her home state.

She has generously donated her art in support of Scholarship programs at Culver Academy; the University of Virginia at Wise; and Ohio University for their Appalachia Scholarship program.  She continues to work with these institutions on their Fund raising endeavors.

She has also written and illustrated a trilogy of Children's Books featuring Dr. Ross and Betsy and the story of her blind horse 'Black Beauty'.

Her work is available for view on line at betsyrosskoller.com.  She has a wide offering of Limited Edition Lithos; Greeting cards, Books and Original Art.

She is a member of Colonial Dames, Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR), and a Dame of The War of 1812.

 Links to galleries and
 sites that represent
 Betsy's works:
 The Swiss group ADLER

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